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Million Dollar Quartet at TPAC NASHVILLE click on link.
will be on Television
Upcoming Events Josephine Getz
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Million Dollar Quartet at TPAC NASHVILLE click on link. 

will be on Television

Upcoming Events Josephine Getz

Lots going on lots of wonderful shows preparing for WCCAC at Landmark Booksellers downtown Franklin TN FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH!  Come see us music arts food.
getting ready for 2014 and all the wonderful venues and art shows and festivals.
Then we have MUSIC CITY Every 2nd Saturday Music Lovers Flea Market at 5375 Big East Fork Rd  Franklin TN 37064 or more 
And We invite you to Cirilo Seven Entertainment.


Well Hello everyone.
We will be at the BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL.. July 26th  6-10 and July 27th 10-10pm.. Come on down for a wonderful music and food and ART venue. See you then. Origami Owl fans BELLA loved her guitar photos are on for all to see. Thanks for your support.
Thanks for liking my page. Visit me on FB starsonguitars and hit LIKE!!!
Talk soon.
New and upcoming things coming this year...... Can't wait/

Stars on Guitars update

It is rewarding to know that Stars on Guitars is helping by donating guitars to help others.
I am promoting my guitars that I love to design for that STAR in your LIFE.  My work is unique "ONE OF A KIND" original and time consuming, and teaches patience. I cut each piece by hand
the beautiful glass tiles. I spend ours finding just the right piece to fit the story that I create.
I research the subject I am creating and the story board on the guitar comes ALIVE.
My husband Gordon then illuminates them for me and write a story/poem for each.

Williamson County Cultural Arts Commission

Well, yet another wonderful surprise. We are on the BOARD of WCCAC. Williamson County Cultural Arts Commission. Lots of new events beginning in June.  also visit us on FB. would love to have new members join us.
WCCAC for our members and members to be, we want to come together as an arts commission to enrich the community. Collaboration is vital in relationships. Artists, can market themselves and promote their art on our webpage.
Here are the upcoming shows:

working with wynn adams

Wynn productions congrats thanks for all your help with getting stars on guitars out there

Update Stars on Guitars

H,I everyone. Keeping busy trying to get these guitars done for fund raisers. giving back is the most uplifting feeling on your heart strings.  right now I am busy helping a beautiful family.
The Sheridan's. I am trying to get a fund raiser going for them. I donate and go to fund raiser's but never did one for someone in great need. I have had one done for me years ago for my husband. Knowing there are people out there with stretched out arms to help in any way they can is what makes this world the place we long for.

July 27th Bluegrass downtown Franklin showing guitars

Come on down to the Bluegrass Festival! Join us with my guitars we willl have fun in the square at DOWNTOWN FRANKLIN Friday evening. July 27th 6pm to 10 pm.
Saturday  join us is at 7 pm at WORLD MUSIC IN NASHVILLE  For STOWE SHOCKEY  for  an awesome night of singing. and my guitars will be there lite up for all to see. Come on down. In Bellevue. Thanks  

Questionnaire for guitar orders

425 Chamberlain Park Lane
Franklin, TN 37069
615 545-0523
Custom Guitar Questionnaire
Name of Customer__________________________________________________
Thank you for choosing Stars On Guitars to create a unique piece of art for yourself or someone special to you.  Answering the following questions will assist in Stars On Guitars
design creation and customer satisfaction.
1. What size guitar would you like designed? Small (the size of a ukulele), Medium or Large. (Most of our guitars have been medium) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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